Expeditions to Nepal 2010:  
         If you have any interest in traveling to Nepal and the Himalayas in spring or fall of 2010, please contact me by e-mail at  jrasley@juno.com.   I have helped to plan three trips through my friend Niru Rai's company, Adventure GeoTreks Ltd.  I will send descriptions of the three expeditions upon request.  They are:
            1. An 18-day trek through the ancient Buddhist Kingdom of Mustang in north central Nepal, which will include the option of 1-4 days horse back riding;
            2. A 14-day trek through the remote region of Solu in eastern Nepal, visiting villages and monasteries in Sherpa and Rai communities; and
            3. An 11-day driving tour of Pokhara (lake district), Chitwan (jungle safari) and the Katmandu Valley.
        We are organizing groups for each of these tours in both the spring (April or May) and fall (October or November).
        If you would like a specific day-by-day itinerary, let me know and I will send it to you.   
        Check out the website of Adventure GeoTreks at   www.adventuregeotreks.com.
        If you would like to work through me to have Adventure GeoTreks custom design a trek for you or a group tour or expedition in the Himalayan region, feel free to contact me for advice.  
Jeff    jrasley@juno.com

    Mustang Trek

        PBS recently aired two programs about trekking in Mustang and the unique history and culture of this ancient Buddhist kingdom.  Links to information about the programs are

Mustang Journey of Transformation website

Lost Treasures website

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        The trekking groups are guided and staffed with porters and cook in the tradition of British aristocrats.  Members need only carry a daypack, as the porters carry tents, food, cookware, etc.  Meals and lodging are provided for the non-trekkers in local hotels and lodges.  The Nepalese guiding company is Adventure GeoTreks, and may be contacted through its owner Niru Rai, Website: www.adventuregeotreks.com or E-mail: niru@wlink.com.np.    
        The cost will range from $1000 to $2000, depending on the option chosen and total number of members.  Cost includes hotel and meals in Kathmandu, but not airfare to/from Kathmandu. Complete daily itineraries for the three different options describing what the guiding company provides and the cost for each option will be provided upon request.  


        A word about my role:  I am not a guide, and will have no formal or legal responsibilities any different than everyone else in our group.  The  trekking permits the guiding company must obtain for us will list me as the "leader" of  the group, because the forms require someone be so designated.  I will offer advice and generic information to anyone who wants it based upon my prior experiences in Nepal.  I will facilitate group members signing up for the trek. 
        We will save  $1000 or more by not using a "Western" guiding company, because that is how much more a Western guide costs plus Western companies expect a greater profit margin than do local guiding companies.  The guiding company will give me a "leader's" or "friendship" discount on the price of the trek.  That discount will not be charged back into the price for others.  The company we will use is:     
Adventure Geo Treks (P) Ltd
P.O. Box: 10358
Dhapasi (6), Kathmandu, Nepal.
Telephone: 00977-1-4377290
Mobile: 9851088242

Fax: 00977-1-4377285
E-mail: niru@wlink.com.np
; info@adventuregeotreks.com
Website: www.adventuregeotreks.com; www.nepalgeotreks.com; www.tibetexpedition.com 
        You should feel free to contact the owner, and my friend, Niru Rai, at any time with any questions.  He is better able than I am to answer specific questions about the trek itself.  I have chosen Niru's company because of the excellent job the staff did for the last four groups I led and due to personal recommendations from other clients of Niru's. 
        Please let Niru & me know if you have any further questions.
         Namaste,  Jeff